1. Download


2. Install

Double-click the Solitare installer to open up the install wizard. Click Continue to begin the install.


3. License

Please Agree to the license.


4. Install Destination

If prompted, install Solitare on the default hard drive. The default option provided to you by the installer is probably fine.


5. Install


6. Password

The user installing Solitare must have install rights.


7. Wait for Scripts to Run

Since Solitare is only a functional prototype, it will take some time for the next step to run, since we are downloading an entire VM from the internet. In the future we will smooth this step, but for now, as long as the install doesn't explicitly fail, please give it time.


8. Finish

After the install is complete. Try clicking on a PDF. It should open up inside of the secure environment. You can also open Solitare in the Applications menu, and open up a safe browser inside of the VM.


9. Network Connections

Solitare consists of a local server and client that talk over a TCP port. Please Allow software to accept connections in order for it to work.